Christopher Danielson gave a talk at Twitter Math Camp (TMC) about title Find what you love. Do more of that. I’ve never gone to TMC but I watched that talk and it has stuck with me ever sense. I have a new position this year, doing something I would have never imagine I would do and my first day on the job felt just odd. There was no classroom to set up, no students to prepare for and no math to play with. Then I remember: Find what you love. Do more of that. So I started to make a list of things I love…math, #MTBoS, Desmos and made goals around those things. I’m settling into my new position. Each day begins to feel a little more like a new type of normal. Taking time each day to focus on a goal related to something I love has helped tremendously. As part of Sunday Funday here are my goals:


Mathy goals:

  • Learn more deeply about elementary school mathematics, especially fractions
  • Don’t let Calculus and Trigonometry scare me. Explore the beauty of upper-level mathematics.  


Math Twitter Blogosphere aka #MTBoS:

  • Actually blog at least once a month.
  • #pushsend



  • Learn computation layer
  • Review old activities and use computation layer to enhance the learning

2 thoughts on “Goals

  1. I love this framework and agree that when out of the classroom, it’s all too easy to be pulled in 100 directions, none of which focus on what you love. Love this blog and excited to ride this new role out with you.


  2. Jennifer Bell, @jkjohnsonbell says:

    I was at that TMC. Great message from Christopher on finding and doing what you love. I appreciate your goals and would love to work with you on them. Maybe we could plan a math conference, too?

    Thanks for sharing this! Glad to see you blogging!


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